Amazing Salad Vertical Gardens


If you would like to have fresh salads in your kitchen all the time, without having to spend money on them, you should create this vertical salad planter. The cool thing about this planter is that it doesn’t occupy a lot of space and you can place it almost anywhere in your garden. The planter will have removable shelves, so you can move the plants from one place to the other and even leave more space for others that require a larger area in order to grow. You will need pieces of wood that need to be assembled in the shape of the planter from the pictures. You can buy pre-cut wood, so it will be easier to work with it that way. Once you are ready, you can start growing your own lettuce and even strawberries if you want, as vertical planters are perfect for plants that require a consistent amount of water. The more things you grow at home, the more money you save and home-growing will benefit your health too. More details about this project can be found on the next page..


Two vertical planters – put your garden wall space to good use producing a living wall of salad leaves and herbs.

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salad-vertical-garden-3 photo: LA Times

salad-vertical-garden-4 photo: LA Times


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  1. Leonard says:

    Really Nice, hope to catch up more., thanks

  2. Helene Cusson says:

    Very interesting ideas!

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