Amazing Tiny Apartment Design


With everything around us getting smaller by the day, it was only a matter of time when homes would become more efficient in this regard and thus be scaled down to tinier and tinier sizes. The apartment featured here has only 16m² (172 ft² ), but it boasts a beautiful and attractive interior design. It’s not as tiny as some Japan based hotel rooms, but it is rather small. And so, inhabitants and designers have come up with a certain number of design tricks to make any such type of home into a pleasant and comfortable habitat. The Paris-based residence hides a bunch of design surprises that masks the negative impact of a restricted space. Architects Julie Nabucet and Marc Baillargeon have managed to get the most out of a small area of space.


The bed can be conveniently hidden under the floor to make room for a comfy couch. The small office area is unveiled by the natural light which invades through the large windows. All is valued to its maximum potential; there is even a storage space under the short wooden steps. Also, you can enter the bathroom next to the kitchen via a sliding door. Take a look on the photos to find inspiration for your future interior design.







5 Responses to “Amazing Tiny Apartment Design”

  1. Muhammad Arfan says:

    Very nice and beautiful interior design. Thanks for sharing a good article.

  2. Galaxy Builders says:

    Super article with excellent images. Wish to have a tiny apartment with such a good interior design. Thanks

  3. Leosiddhar says:

    The design is very clever but, after seeing a lot of interiors and living in a small place myself, the interesting thing is to know if people do live well in this space. I think that Human need space, energy need to flow (feng shui), no matter how clever is the design of the box.

    • Mia Mio says:

      This is why americans are so fat and unsociable. They have big houses that do not encourage them to go outside and get along with other people. A small place means you get out more and experience life. Not sitting around eating all day in a giant overstuffed chair. Many people thrive in small spaces like this in europe and bigger cities. They have a better sense of community and well being. I say this as an American myself.

  4. Bobbi says:

    We need more pics!!!

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