Amazon Will Now Deliver a Tiny House Directly to Your Door

No longer content to just deliver everything under the sun to your house, Amazon will now deliver you an actual house. A shipping container house to be specific. MODS International has now made their shipping container home shockingly easy to order, all it takes is a few clicks and small space sustainable living can be yours.

This is a completely finished 320 square foot tiny home. Manufactured by MODS International of Appleton Wisconsin using a new sea container as the structural shell. MODS starts with certified new containers, not first or second use units. The tiny home unit can be placed on either 12″ concrete sonotube footings (10 total, one every 8 feet along perimeter) or a solid concrete slab. Requires bottom access sewer connection. This standard unit has side water and electric connections. Includes bedroom, shower, toilet and sink plus a small kitchenette and living area. Large patio door open up the living area.

  • tiny home – pre-fabricated from new shipping container. Fully finished from $36,000.

Pre-fabricated Tiny Home

Tiny home – pre-fabricated from new shipping container. Fully finished from $36,000.

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12 Responses to “Amazon Will Now Deliver a Tiny House Directly to Your Door”

  1. chandra kumar says:

    interested in container home

  2. Russell mitchem says:

    What are the options of a tiny home?can you a buy different looking houses,like A frame or ranch style?can it be unfurnished?

    • Randall says:

      You can get a shipping container for about 2 – 3 grand if you look hard enough. Then you can do whatever you want to it and you can add additional units as well.

  3. Susan MacMillan Kains says:

    I want one!

  4. Montina Holliday says:

    Why not also include pop-outs like the $600k RVs have to add a little more room to the place? If u like the idea, please feel free to send me a check for contributing to your future wealth and profits.

  5. Althea Haney says:

    Would love to see more of the tiny homes, have been interested in them, and would be perfect for me

  6. Arlene Moss says:

    Would love to have one of these — and I know just where we could put it!

  7. Gerd Lentze says:

    Can they be wired for 220/240 Volts and can they be shipped to outside the US?

  8. Zoie wheeler says:

    Could you please send me more information on them and prices

  9. Leslie A Baird says:

    Too expensive for a container

  10. Mary reid says:

    what is the total cost for one?Its perfect for me as long as i can get a bedroom on bottom floor..I cant climb stairs so the room is perfect i love this style not too tight but cozy..let me know a price i wish you could set them up and let us buy it like a rent to own idea but i know that may be impossible..Its just some people cant afford property in their state like Florida,could elsewhere like Kentucky or Tennessee,just hard for the elderly to do.. If I had it I would have a deck built onto it more storage space made inside in the loft where a bed would normally be.So much can be done and i would love one so much…Thank you Amazon let me know a price totally shipping and for the container.thank you again

  11. Dave says:

    May I ask, how would you get an A frame out of a rectangular frame/ box??

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