Amphibious Caravan From SealVans Merges Camping and Sea Transport

SealVans, a Turkish start-up, has introduced a ground-breaking concept to the world of travel and adventure with its innovative amphibious caravans. Bridging the gap between land and water exploration, the SealVans amphibious caravans offer a seamless transition between being a traditional caravan and a fully functional boat. After successfully prototyping their designs, the company is now unveiling the Seal 4.20m and Seal 7.50m models to the European market. These versatile vehicles provide a unique solution for adventurous families seeking the convenience of exploring both land and sea without the need for complicated transportation switches.

The key feature of SealVans lies in its ability to effortlessly transition between land and water, eliminating the need for additional modifications or complex procedures. The company emphasizes the importance of ease of transportation in their design, aiming to provide users with the comfort of home both on land and in water. The Seal 4.20m, a compact version weighing under 750 kg, is designed for shorter trips, accommodating up to two adults. On the other hand, the Seal 7.50m, with its family-friendly design, can host up to three adults or a family of two adults and two small children. With dimensions and finishes tailored to their respective sizes, these caravans offer a luxurious and practical solution for those seeking versatile travel experiences.

Both the Seal 4.20m and Seal 7.50m come equipped with essential amenities, including a functional kitchen, a compact bathroom with a shower, and comfortable seating with a main bed and an optional extra bed for flexibility. The Seal 7.50m, in particular, transforms into a boat-like vessel on the water, enhancing the travel experience for occupants. Powered by either a 50 HP Honda outboard motor or an electric propulsion system, the Seal 7.50m offers customization options to suit individual preferences, ensuring a maximum speed of 13 knots. For those interested in exploring the specifications of these unique amphibious caravans, the complete details are available on the company’s website.


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