Amphibious Caravan From SealVans Merges Camping and Sea Transport

SealVans, a Turkish start-up, has introduced a ground-breaking concept to the world of travel and adventure with its innovative amphibious caravans. Bridging the gap between land and water exploration, the SealVans amphibious caravans offer a seamless transition between being a traditional ...

This Retro Boaterhome Is a 3-In-1 Van, RV, and Boat

The ultimate mobile home is here, and it can take you anywhere as it is a 3-in-1 boat, van, and RV. Boaterhome combo van, as they call it, is a stunning creation and merges everyone’s favorite camper with a vehicle that can also travel on water.

Sealander: This Camper Can Also Be Used as a Boat

Campers come in many shapes and forms: from static ones to wheeled campers and now one that is an actual boat! This awesome camper can also be used as a boat, so you can have a weekend of adventures right in the heart of nature. The camper is called The Sealander and you can use on ...
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