An artist made a ‘Harry Potter’ face covering that reveals the Marauder’s Map as you breathe

Since face masks are an essential piece in this new world that we are experiencing, more and more people have come up with unique mask ideas to make them cooler.
If you are a fan of Harry Potter and would like to have a mask that will make any Potterhead jealous, Stefanie Hook is your go-to person.
She is an artist from Colorado and makes several hand-sewn items that are listed on her company’s website, called CPEX (Colorado Pony Express).
She recently became a TikTok sensation after showing off her Harry Potter-inspired black mask that changes color and reveals the Marauder’s Map from the books. Sounds amazing, right?
The map is activated and revealed through a person’s breath, as all you have to do is put on the mask and breathe normally. Stefanie said that she wanted to bring a little part of the wizarding world into the real one, so she designed this great mask.

Her TikTok video has more than 450,000 views. She also insists on highlighting the fact that the masks are non-medical ones so they don’t have a professional filter on them, but still, any mask is better than no mask at all.


I am the maker of the mask 🖤🖤🖤 #mask #hp #artist #smallbusiness #magic *checkmeouton FB ***CPEX

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Hook said she created the mask to “bring some magic” into the real world.


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