An Inexpensive Beautifully Crafted and Spacious 2 Bedroom Log Home


Searching for the perfect home can be an endless journey. If you prefer traditional homes, like log cabins you are lucky as there is a wide pallet from which to choose. This next prefab home is great for someone who is on a budget, but wants to purchase a stylish cabin. Prefab log homes are usually cheaper, as the panels are all ready and you only need to assemble them. This log cabin looks great, has plenty of space inside (2 bedrooms) so it can be used as a permanent residence and has a front porch too. The roof has a window, called “sun roof” so the interior is abundant in natural light and the upstairs balcony is a nice addition and provides an extra space for relaxing. Below you will find additional information about this cabin and the manufacturer.






Width: 6.30 m (21 ft)
Depth: 7.70 m (25 ft)
Floor Area: 79.5 m² (856 ft²)
Wall Thickness: 92 mm
Log Type: Lam
Bedrooms: 2
Price Starting From: £ 37395

5 Responses to “An Inexpensive Beautifully Crafted and Spacious 2 Bedroom Log Home”

  1. Gary Ables says:

    Quotes on availability in California, shipping, setup

  2. dac.impielitzat says:

    inexpensive you say?… pfffff!

  3. Gina Costello says:

    Please send info..

  4. Mandy says:

    Wow wish you were in the uk

  5. dan morrissette says:

    Never trust a house with only one door….

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