Art of Gardening: Sleeping Bird Topiary



For some, their gardens are more important than the house itself. Usually, these nature-loving people go to much extent in order to transform their outdoors into a habitable and welcoming environment. In this context, topiary is a perfect medium to achieve that result. The Sleeping Bird Topiary you can observe from the pictures is made by Claude Ponti. Although this one is located in the city of Nantes in France botanical garden, if your residence gives you the luxury of a big yard, nothing can stop you from attempting to fashion one such topiary. Remember that the Sleeping Bird Topiary is not made from one giant bush, but lots of greenery. Plenty of metal accessories were also used in order to fashion the legs, eyelashes and bright beak. Please find inspiration in this project and contact a local artist if you want the same impact with your garden.



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