Artist Conveys the Charm of European Cities Through His Textured Paintings

Artist Sergiu Ciochină captures the charm of European cities in his textured paintings by focusing on more than just iconic landmarks. Based in Paris, Ciochină finds inspiration in everyday scenes, such as the colors of buildings and the interplay of light and shadows on various surfaces. His paintings, while based on real elements like buildings, flowers, and streets, transcend mere replication of photographs. Instead, he uses these elements as a springboard for his creative process, blending observation with artistic interpretation to produce unique landscapes. “None of them can be called copies of photographs,” Ciochină explains. His work is a fusion of creativity, technique, and personal vision, resulting in pieces that offer viewers a new perspective on familiar settings.

Ciochină’s artistic approach is as diverse as his sources of inspiration, which he finds in unexpected places during his daily life and travels. Originally from Moldova, his move to Paris has profoundly influenced his style, pushing him towards realism and a deeper exploration of light and shadow in architecture. He uses various materials, including oil paint, acrylic, pastel, and charcoal, to achieve his desired effects. Despite the influences and comparisons to masters like Van Gogh and Monet, Ciochină strives to establish a distinctive visual language. “I have developed my style, and I am happy to continue developing it,” he states. His ultimate goal is to bring joy to those who appreciate his art, enhancing their lives and homes with his unique vision of Europe’s beauty. Follow him on Instagram to stay updated on his latest works and exhibitions.

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