Artist Transforms Discarded Paintbrushes Into Exquisite Character Portraits

Wood carving requires a lot of patience and attention to details and Rebecca Szeto managed to master both. She is a San Francisco-based artist, who gives old paintbrushes a new life, by transforming them into unique characters.

Artist Creates Amazing Animal Sculptures From Found Seashells at the Beach

  Collecting shells on the beach can be a nice relaxing activity, but for Anna Chan is a medium through which she expresses her artistic vision. She is a New York-based artist, who discovered her passion as a land art maker during the COVID-19 lockdown. Chan is a professional ...

Artist Creates Life-Size Human Sculptures Made From Discarded Machine Parts

Metal objects can have an impersonal touch, but not when they have been touched by the talented hands of Penny Hardy. Hardy is a Devon-based British artist who uses metal to build beautiful sculptures that express movement and are part of the Blown Away project. Metal is not an easy ...

This Street Artist Paints Fake Shadows to Playfully Trick Passersby

Shadow art requires a lot of mastery, as the artist must learn about geometrics and angles in which to optimally display his art. Damon Belanger is a California-based artist who is known for his eclectic works. He uses different mediums to express himself, such as painting, package ...

Artist Creates Incredibly Detailed Ink Drawings of Architecture Around the World

There are so many great artists out there and thanks to the rapid information spread across the Internet, they have the chance to become known by everyone.
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