Artist Transforms Denim Into Wearable Works of Art Inspired by Grandma and Los Angeles

Emily Starobrat, a Los Angeles-based artist and fashion designer, has revolutionized the concept of wearable art through her brand, Denem. By transforming denim into intricate, personalized masterpieces, she uses a rotary tool to carve her unique designs into the fabric. This technique, which she developed after discovering a passion for textiles at Parsons School of Design, allows her to blend fine art with fashion. Inspired by her grandmother and the nostalgic culture of early 2000s Los Angeles, her designs feature motifs like tigers, florals, and embroidery patterns reminiscent of objects from her childhood. Her deeply personal and evocative creations have garnered international attention and a growing list of celebrity clients.

Starobrat’s process of sanding and drawing on denim not only showcases her artistic skills but also highlights her commitment to sustainability. She repurposes fabric scraps to create new pieces and releases her collections in small batches to minimize environmental impact. Her innovative approach extends to her design details, playing with proportions and using fabric markers to add color, creating bold, eye-catching garments that evolve with wear. By including more affordable items like tote bags and t-shirts in her collection, she makes her art accessible to a broader audience. Followers can keep up with her latest works on social media, where she shares her creative journey and the meticulous process behind each handcrafted piece.

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