Clever Food Artist Turns Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Into Cute Characters to Encourage Healthy Habits

In a delightful pursuit to encourage healthier eating habits among children, food artist Sarah Lescrauwaet-Beach has turned fresh fruits and vegetables into charming characters and creations. Recognizing the challenge that parents face in convincing kids to consume their greens, Lescrauwaet-Beach embarked on a creative journey, transforming these essential ingredients into animals, objects, and inspiring messages. Shared on her Instagram account, Edible Food Art For Kids, her delectable masterpieces not only captivate the taste buds but also serve as a visual feast. Lescrauwaet-Beach’s foray into the world of food art began in 2018 with a simple rabbit design, evolving into intricate collages that not only bring joy to her children but entice them to embrace a healthier diet. For the artist, the process of creating these edible artworks becomes a therapeutic way to unwind after work, with each design originating from events or ideas, guided by the vibrant colors of fresh fruits.

Staying true to her commitment to healthy living, Lescrauwaet-Beach exclusively employs fresh fruits and vegetables, complemented by seeds, nuts, and occasionally a hint of chocolate. Notably, her creations steer clear of mashed potatoes, pasta, food dye, or other additives. The artist’s dedication to using natural ingredients highlights the versatility of each component, as exemplified by her fondness for blueberries, which she creatively employs for eyes, skin, lines, and backgrounds in her artworks. From whimsical characters to intricate designs, her edible creations range in complexity, with some taking up to two hours to complete. Despite the challenges posed by interruptions from her two children, Lescrauwaet-Beach finds inspiration in various sources such as news, books, and online scrolling, aligning her art with her values and passions for healthy living and humanity. To stay updated on her delightful food art journey, enthusiasts can follow Edible Food Art For Kids on Instagram.

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