Artist Masterfully Embroiders Dried and Preserved Flowers on Delicate Tulle

Working with delicate and fragile materials requires an extraordinary level of concentration, a challenge that Olga Prinku, a UK-based artist, adeptly navigates in her unique embroidery art. Prinku skillfully stitches dried and preserved flowers, with stems as thin as 0.03 centimetres, onto the fine texture of tulle. This delicate process carries the inherent risk of breaking either component, but Prinku relies on her experience and instincts, often improvising her designs until the embroidery hoop is complete. Since discovering this captivating art form, Prinku’s practice has rapidly evolved, incorporating various organic materials and employing diverse techniques.

Drawing on her background in graphic design and a fascination with folkloric motifs from her birthplace, Moldova, as well as traditional tapestries, Prinku explains, that she is also inspired by nature and North Yorkshire surroundings. She is showcasing the intercalation of humans and nature, translated into art, by creating delicate embroiders with supplies found in her surroundings.
For those intrigued by Prinku’s artistry, her insights and techniques are encapsulated in her book, providing an opportunity to delve deeper into the world of embroidered flowers on tulle. Additionally, enthusiasts can stay updated on her latest projects by following her on Instagram.


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