This Street Artist Paints Fake Shadows to Playfully Trick Passersby

Shadow art requires a lot of mastery, as the artist must learn about geometrics and angles in which to optimally display his art.
Damon Belanger is a California-based artist who is known for his eclectic works. He uses different mediums to express himself, such as painting, package design, and now, street art.
Belanger was recently asked to make 20 pieces of street art in downtown Redwood City, California, and created a series of paintings that interact with the objects around them.
He made paintings on the sidewalk which look like shadows and built his magical characters around regular objects, such as benches, bicycle racks, and mailboxes. The streets of Redwood City are now filled with shadows of cute monsters, monkeys and smiling flowers and passers-by can discover them if looking from the right angle.
Belanger first creates the outline of his characters in chalk and then uses gray spray paint to finish his work. Follow him on Instagram to see which will be the next city to host his art residency.

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