Artist Transforms Building Façade in France With Delicate Painted Lace

NeSpoon is a Polish street artist who decorates buildings from several European cities, covering them in her unique style and personality.
Her murals are inspired by delicate lace patterns, and now she has brought her mastery to French Brittany, to the In Cité, Festival écologique d’Arts Urbains.
She has transformed the façade of a building, creating an intricate lace pattern, which was inspired by 19th-century French needle lace. By mixing old with new and getting her inspiration from history and traditional crafts, NeSpoon managed to create herself a signature style that can be recognized by almost any street art enthusiast. To create the artwork in France, she spent 6 days in different weather conditions, painting from day to night, inspiring other artists present at In Cité.
Her finished work can be seen in the city of Callac, and will surely become a landmark for visitors soon. This is such a beautiful example of how street art can add to the value of a building, instead of damaging it.
By choosing the right setting, patterns, and artists, dull or forgotten buildings can be transformed into art pieces in just a few days and regain their former glory.

Polish street artist NeSpoon transformed a building in Brittany, France into a work of art.

She based her work on a 19th-century French needle lace pattern.

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