Artist Transforms Discarded Paintbrushes Into Exquisite Character Portraits

Wood carving requires a lot of patience and attention to details and Rebecca Szeto managed to master both. She is a San Francisco-based artist, who gives old paintbrushes a new life, by transforming them into unique characters.
She transforms the handle of the paintbrush into majestic figurines, which all look like members of the high society. Her series is entitled Paintbrush Portraits and is a collection of miniature carvings of hand-painted women, in old-fashioned dress, one more beautiful than the other.
By matching the figurines’ style with the age of the brush, Szeto creates continuity and find a new life for the old and long forgotten brush. Her works are carved with graciousness and care and showcased on her Instagram page.
They are all works of art and craftsmanship, with stunning details, each more unique than the other.


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