Artist Upcycles Scrap Metal Into a Majestic Menagerie of Animal Sculptures

Sculptor Jordan Sprigg has mastered the art of transforming discarded metal into a mesmerizing menagerie of animal sculptures that seem plucked from the pages of a steampunk fantasy. Over the last decade, the Australian artist has exhibited a remarkable range of his creations, from delicate dragonflies perched on river reeds to imposing 20-foot-long dinosaurs. Sprigg’s ability to infuse life into cold iron is evident in the dynamic poses of his sculptures, capturing animals in action. A Spanish mackerel perpetually leaps out of the water, a wedge-tailed eagle swoops down to seize prey, and a black rhino takes a mid-stride pause with gleaming stainless steel horns. Regardless of the species, each sculpture exudes vitality, seemingly poised to step off its pedestal at any moment.

Sprigg draws inspiration from the diverse creatures that inhabit the Earth, and he pays homage to the material’s history by allowing the recycled metal to retain its rusty patina, some pieces dating back over a century. For those captivated by Sprigg’s captivating metal menagerie, his works, including a 2024 calendar featuring prints of 12 of his designs, are available for purchase on his website. To stay updated on his latest creations, art enthusiasts can follow the artist on Instagram, where glimpses of his artistic process and finished sculptures are regularly shared. Additionally, for a more comprehensive view of Sprigg’s life beyond sculpting, his Facebook page offers a behind-the-scenes look into the artist’s world, providing a multifaceted perspective on his creative journey and endeavors.

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