Artistree Raises a Telescopic Treehouse in California

Artistree Home, a US-based company, has unveiled its latest architectural marvel, Spyglass by Hometree, a telescopic treehouse nestled in the enchanting landscapes of Sonoma County, California. Completed in 2023, this distinctive 300-square foot (28-square-meter) residence is situated in an 11-acre (5-hectare) forested lot in Occidental. The treehouse’s design, characterized by a vaulted form, draws inspiration from the whimsical childhood act of turning a fallen leaf into a makeshift tube for peering through. Will Beilharz, the project designer from Artistree Home, explained that the cylindrical shape of Spyglass, marked by a dynamic cut on either end, captures the playful movement reminiscent of a folded leaf.

The focal point of Spyglass is a majestic redwood tree, serving as the anchor for the entire structure. Elevated 25 feet (8 meters) above the ground, the house is supported by slender steel posts that minimize environmental disturbance. The black metal deck extends gracefully from a hillside, featuring a single-step entry bridge that enhances the seamless integration of the treehouse with its natural surroundings. Spyglass not only showcases innovative design but also demonstrates a thoughtful approach to environmental impact, making it a harmonious addition to the picturesque landscape of Sonoma County.

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