Authentic Vintage Kitchen Design


Making a unique interior design for your home involves a high amount of insight into your needs and attention to details. Once you manage to take care of these two, you are ready to search for a design that might work perfect for you and your home. Today, we present you one of the most authentic vintage kitchen designs out there. Blending old with new in a way that flows naturally and is pleasing to the eye, with materials from an old warehouse, this residence from Hertfordshire has the neatest of vintage décors. The reclaimed wood used as paneling and shelving evokes a unique and proper vintage ambiance in a modern setting. The high tech appliances are perfectly matched with 1950s clock, sign, bottles and cans. Some clever additions to the entire set of decorations, like the wooden boarded mirror or the tin planter is what truly makes this particular design pop out among other vintage décor. Be inspired by this work and feel free to find out what will make your home suitable for a vintage time trip.





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  1. I’m amazed at the use of antique pieces in this kitchen, including the reclaimed warehouse wood. Every individual piece is older, but the kitchen as a whole looks completely modern and very elegant.

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