Avocado Fries Recipe


Avocados are very healthy and have a great taste. If you like them as much as we do, but you want to try out new ways of consuming them, here’s a great recipe for you. You can fry the avocado and consume it as appetizers. This is a great idea for a party too, as fried avocados make some very healthy snacks. These have a great and fresh taste and by frying them, they will become crispy. The process is very simple as you will fry the avocados the same way as you would do with other fruits or vegetables. You will need: avocados, oil, milk, flour and eggs. The following link contains the step by step recipe and also some additional ingredients for some extra flavor. You can also make a light dipping sauce as it will go very well with these fried snacks.  Also, below you can find two amazing tricks about avocado.. how to grow an avocado tree in 10 steps and the quickest way to peel an avocado… Enjoy!


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