Awesome 3D Paper Heart


If you thought preparing the décor of your home for a special occasion – like the upcoming Valentine’s Day – implies a lot of costs, than this tutorial will represent quite the surprise for you. It’s a great thing, both creatively and financially, to fashion ornaments using only paper and scissors as materials. That is exactly what the following guide on how to design and make heart shaped ornaments is all about. The 3D paper hearts featured in this DIY project are so simple that even kids could help in making a few. After a few cuts and bending, your plain piece of paper will be transformed into a lovely heart shape that is not only cute but also 3D! You can hang it in your room with a piece of string tied at the top. Read the instructions thoroughly. The paper ornament piece will prepare the ambience for a lovely Valentine’s Day event.

3D paper heart – Krokotak

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