Awesome Butterfly Back Swing


On Walk the Willow website you will find an amazing selection of willow furniture practical for either the indoor or outdoor space. We selected is sophisticated Butterfly Back swing that is perfect for an outdoor space, such as a spacious garden or a large porch. There is plenty of space for 3 people on the swing and the intricate willow structure makes it really special, creating a look that resembles a butterfly with wings spread. The massive wooden frame and the ropes make the swing safe and resistant for a long time period. This outdoor swing would be a beautiful and stylish acquisition for you outdoor area, but in order to look good and be at its full potential it requires a larger garden or porch. Its price is $950 and you can order it by visiting the contacts section of the Walk the Willow official website.



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  1. Arthur Sweetland says:

    These swings can top off any yard. Picking the right one for your home can be a hard decision. Trying to match all of the colors in a good looking manor is difficult but well worth it.

  2. Justin Roberts says:

    Neat! Thanks for doing this! My wife found this last night.

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