Baby Cows Wear Earmuffs in the Winter To Protect Them From Chilling Frostbite

Animals that wear clothes are always a cute sight, but what about cows with earmuffs? This is a common practice between farmers, as they wish to keep the ears of baby cows protected in winter, so they cover them in earmuffs.
The babies are more prone to illness in the winter, so they require extra protection besides this they look quite adorable.
The first one to share viral posts about cow earmuffs was Twitter user Rob N Roll and his post received 300,000 likes and 50,000 retweets.
The handknitted earmuffs became an Internet sensation and many people started reposting even more pictures of cows with ear covers. The trend took over to such a huge extent that people started asking for crochet patterns online for cow earmuffs to make their own at home. It is also like there is already an online shop doing this for those interested, and it is called Moo Muffs.
It is a Wisconsin-based shop that manufactures water-resistant cow earmuffs, but they can also be ordered online from numerous Etsy shops.
Take a look at these adorable pictures of cows wearing earmuffs and if you’re a farmer, consider even crocheting one at home for your baby cows. These are vailable in the link below…

Find it HERE…

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