Backyard Chickens: How to Design Your Chicken Run


Raising chickens can be extremely beneficial for a family or a person. But before you can yield the produce (eggs and meat), you must invest. Taking care of your chickens entails offering them the best quality living space just as much as providing with food every day. There are a lot of information about the site, the size, storage space and sturdiness you will need to know before going into your own DIY chicken coop building project. Insulation and ventilation are also intricate parts that must be thoroughly investigated before making a decision and start building the coop… See more in the video below…




The Complete Guide To Building Your Own Chicken Coop

28 Responses to “Backyard Chickens: How to Design Your Chicken Run”

  1. Kevin R. Holly says:

    Very interesting! This website always had interesting things.

  2. Valerie Roberts says:

    Looks good

  3. T says:

    Check grammar wow. “There are a lot of information…”???

  4. Shay says:

    ^^^^ Yip… There is always one know it all in the group^^^^

  5. christmas coloring page says:

    Hi colleagues, how is everything, and what you wish for to say about this post, in my view its genuinely remarkable designed for me.

  6. Larry says:

    Very intresting Website , Make to chicken coops, they are people with their own ideas, passions and interests. Also, think modest. For the more information Visit

  7. heather calk says:

    why would you build a comfortable palace and tenderly care for your little friend and then you would then grab by the feet stuff headfirst into a tin killing cone, cut her head off bleed her out, cut out her inner organs, scald her skin in boiling water pull out all her beautiful feathers and then chop her naked body with an axe into quarters? why? sounds pretty sadistic to me. maybe don’t dress up the fact that you are raising hens for their eggs for 2 years, then you are gonna slaughter them. leave them to enjoy their hen life without your input, probably safer that way all around.

    • Kim says:

      My chickens were always kept as pets whether or not they laid eggs. I never ate them. Not everyone does. 🙂 We have ducks as well, and it doesn’t matter whether they lay eggs. They’re our pets just like our dog and cats and we treat them as such.

    • Ashley says:

      We had raised our chickens just for the eggs. Let them roam free during the day and they would go back into their coop at night…but uh oh forgot to look the doors one night and a raccoon got to them. I think that’s the circle of life you are referring to?

    • Lu Ann says:

      My chickens were all “well compensated” for their eggs. Now they live out their lives in the lap of luxury with a turkey sentar named Twerky.

    • Susy Mayberry says:

      Really? You’re the one who is sadistic. There are people in this world who raise beef and chickens for their food. There is nothing wrong with that.

  8. C E Phillips says:

    If you read or listen to the book Animal Vegetable Miracle. clearly states you should honor the animals that you sacrifice. .. they should the best and most optimal life of they are giving them up for our families ..

  9. S says:

    Kill them cuts in style.

  10. Anika says:

    Oh geez…everyone knows you don’t eat your egg layers. 😉

  11. Donna Allgaier-Lamberti says:

    Nice set up. Pretty and a pretty good size run. But do be aware white paint is not very practical though for real life chicken keeping. Chickens are natural dust producers. We have a dark brown painted coop with white corrugated panels as the roof. (My choice was white, green or clear.) The roof panels are filthy from the dust and dirt produced by the chicken scratching in the dirt. My chickens are forever jumping up on their nesting box and popping on it. My homestead decisions are always made with the practical in mind. Donna at the Small House Big Sky Homestead.

  12. gypsy says:

    Funny…my current chickens are aged 2 to 6 and all have their heads, feathers, organs and are currently running around in their run, drinking from heated water dishes and eating compose from my kitchen.
    Please do not generalize.

  13. Lila says:

    I like the chickens name on the post especially the one with my name.

  14. Rita Mortenson says:

    Why won’t someone just come out an build this for me??? I want in so bad. I’m disabled and my husband is as old as I am and is no CARPENTER ; tHIS WOULD BE PERFECT IN OUR BACK YARD.


  15. Junk tire art says:

    Well.. I can turn a junk tire into a Rooster for 40 bucks and you pay the shipping.. Junk tire art

  16. Mark says:

    You must be a liberal, paleo, vegan. Your an ass

  17. Bob says:

    You’re an idiot. My only hope is one day that you are hungry and starving and there is only a chicken in front of you.

  18. Dee says:

    This is for people with more money than sense. Chickens are happy to scratch in the dirt, they are not supposed to drink out of heated water bowls and live in cottages. In the same vein, they shouldn’t be stuffed into little boxes their whole lives and fed steroids. Where has the balance gone?

  19. Daine says:

    Ditto, our layers are well cared for well protected from the predators that would have killed them as soon as they left the nest. We do not slaughter but let them live a long (fairly pampered) life. Until they die from natural causes. Although some have met their demise by way of preadtors that diligenty determine their way i to our coop!

  20. Carmen says:

    When my dad made his chicken coop, he added a drain, with a pipe that came out at a lower spot nearby. He hosed out his coop and he collected that water to use as fertilizer.

  21. Excellence Uso says:

    We will love to be trained on how to make this. Many poor African families will benefit if we receive this training on how to build this.. Please, give me information on how to participate in a training program to build capacity on how to produce this and to teach others too..

  22. Lissa says:

    And the world is overrun by chickens and the humans starve, makes perfect sense to me, HELLO you don’t live in a utopia, they were put here at the bottom of the good chain for a reason. Provide them several years of nice carefree living then quick clean death. As a nurse that’s better than we do for many humans. Quit whining over a chicken

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