Baluchon Fits an Entire Tiny Home on One Level to Save Space

Baluchon’s innovative approach to tiny home design is exemplified in their latest creation, the Eucalyptus. Breaking away from the conventional loft-style layouts commonly found in tiny homes, the Eucalyptus maximizes space efficiency by incorporating all its features on a single level. Measuring 22 feet in length, slightly longer than Baluchon’s typical models, this tiny home is built on a double-axle trailer, allowing for increased space without compromising on mobility. Clad in red cedar with a spruce frame and insulated with eco-friendly materials like linen, hemp, and recycled cotton, the Eucalyptus embodies sustainability in its construction.

Upon entering the Eucalyptus through double glass doors, occupants are greeted by a well-designed kitchen that takes center stage in the home. Complete with an oven, propane-powered stove, small fridge, sink, and custom cabinetry, the kitchen is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. Adjacent to the kitchen is the bathroom, accessible through a sliding wooden door, featuring a shower, toilet, and storage units. The living room, situated on the opposite side of the house, incorporates clever storage solutions, an electric radiator, and a sofa bed, ensuring versatility in the utilization of the limited space. With blackout blinds enhancing privacy and a thoughtful layout catering to the owner’s needs, the Eucalyptus stands as a testament to Baluchon’s commitment to creating comfortable and efficient tiny homes. While the exact pricing for the Eucalyptus is undisclosed, Baluchon homes typically start around US$84,000, providing a ballpark figure for prospective buyers.

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