Bark Spitz! Video shows dog swimming in pool while carrying chihuahua

A chihuahua ride on the back of a dog on a warm day sounds just like the beginning of a joke. But it is a true story, and there are adorable pictures that serve as proof all over the Internet. Ben the Great Pyrenees seems to be having a chihuahua as a best friend, and what are friends for if not to be there for you in times of need? So, when the tiny doggy, Tim needed to cross a lake in McHenry, Illinois, Ben was there to give him the ride.
Tim hopped on Ben’s back and the two had a lot of fun crossing the like, there is even a video showing the chihuahua piggyback the gentle giant. This event shows the deep trust level that exists between the two dogs, as Tim doesn’t know how to swim so he relies on Ben’s skills and confides in him fully.
The two became a sensation on Instagram and gathered more than 50,000 followers, who are all there to see the pair’s adorable videos. After watching the videos about this heartwarming friendship, it is no wonder that their fanbase keeps on growing day by day.

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