Beauer 3x French Expanding Trailer


Is travelling or living in a teardrop trailer a thing you aspire to? If you’re searching for a modern design and a futuristic approach than the regular teardrop, the Bauer 3X is the answer! With a telescopic design which literally triples usable space when camping, this custom trailer is one vehicle you will adore. Looking and measuring almost like a classic model of teardrop, the 3X will definitely turn heads on the road due to its futuristic yet tin can aspect. All that changes at the push of a button! The electrically powered system expands and separates the three nesting body modules, growing the interior floor space from 43 to 129 sq. ft.; and it does that in only 20 seconds! You have all you need: a central kitchen flanked by 2 person bedroom, bath and a lounge or dining area. Comfort is provided, with sofa, table, two-burner stove, sink, 130-L refrigerator, cupboards and storage included in the trailer. Check out the designs and share the news with your friends!


3X caravan (inside)

The caravan 3X can be customized at will according to your tastes. The kitchen includes a refrigerator of 130 liters, a gas hob, sink, shelves, some cupboards and drawers plus space for the oven.





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