Beautiful Backyard Lounge Terrace Made Entirely Out Of Pallets


Wooden pallets are often discarded and left to rot away. Instead of wasting such a good material, you should invest it in a creative and useful project like a gorgeous poolside patio! A private lounge next to your pool is stuff you dream of during the long days of summer. In the DIY project showcased below, we have 43 pallets collected, prepared and used in building a simple yet beautiful patio. It can take a whole day to achieve the final result, but the work is definitely worth it. You will also need steel rods and wires to secure the pallets into their desired final position. Slowly, the patio takes shape and you will end up – if you follow the instructions – with a stylish patio made out of wooden pallets. In the end, decorate with pillows, seat cushions and maybe some flower pots to make everything super pretty!






2 Responses to “Beautiful Backyard Lounge Terrace Made Entirely Out Of Pallets”

  1. larry says:

    The terrace was looking really good until the last picture with the beautiful sisters in it. I couldn’t see the terrace anymore. wow.
    Some seriously pretty woman.

  2. Ron says:

    That’s a lawsuit waiting to happen as soon as someone steps in one of the cracks and breaks there ankle.

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