Beautiful Laser-Cut Wood Earrings Light up Like Vintage Street Lamps

A little bit of sparkle can elevate any outfit. But what if, instead of wearing shiny, reflective accessories, you were your source of light? Patrick Cassidy is a Washington-based crafter and owner of LaserWoodLights, where he offers laser-cut wood items that glow from within. What began with lamps and lanterns was eventually translated into a pair of beautiful Light Up Wood Earrings—which evoke the soft amber light of vintage street lamps or stained glass windows at dawn. The Light Up Wood Earrings are battery-powered and can be adjusted by screwing them tight or loose to turn them on or off. These drop earrings work with an LED inside, which is powered by an LR41 replaceable battery, to illuminate the wearer. The light inside can also be customized, as Cassidy offers the earrings in a standard amber glow as well as blue, pink, and red options. This makes them ideal for music festivals, special occasions, or even sporting events.

If earrings are not your thing but you want to give light-up accessories a go, Cassidy also offers a Lil’ Lantern Necklace. Also made of laser-cut wood, it’s discreet enough for any outfit but bright enough to make you noticeable in a crowd. For a more striking piece, you can check out the Pendant of Light & Form, a statement-making necklace that changes between 16 different colors. While Cassidy began offering unique lamps as an alternative to common lighting solutions, the way his accessories turn those who wear them into beacons of light has a poetic feeling to it. “The intention was a light that creates a warm glow, looks cool, from wood, for an affordable price,” he writes. “Thus LaserWoodLights was born and has been producing wooden lighting solutions to illuminate rooms ever since.” To stay up to date with any new releases from LaserWoodLights, make sure to visit their Etsy store.

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