Beautiful Red & White Apartment by Carola Vannini

Born in Rome, a city known for great designers who have contributed to development the architecture and design industry, Corola Vannini has studied architecture in Rome, and in other great international cities such as Paris and New York. After few years in New York, she returned to Rome and began work on his own company, Carola Vannini Architecture, which also focuses on interior design.
Her projects are always approached with a careful eye to the clients’ esthetic and functional needs, involving them in the entire creative process, up to the furniture and detailed design. This creates unique, coherent and personalized architectures.
In the following, we will show a special project and description that Carola did about this apartment : “This luxurious apartment, located close to the Colosseo area, has been reorganized through a complete and detailed design project. The client’s main need of opening the space toward the outside landscape, generated a design characterized by light and airy rooms. The main space of the day area is the kitchen volume, which relates directly to both the entrance and the living room. It is designed as an isolated volume, separated from ceiling and floor with continuous LED lights. The living room has a minimalist flair and its furniture (designed by the architect) creates a balance with the interior architecture. The night area has three bedrooms, three bathrooms and one office space.”

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