Bees Love Cannabis & It Could Help Restore Their Populations

The bee population of the world has been in danger for a long time now and scientists have been studying the phenomena for a long time now.
Since bee colonies have started to gradually disappear, Cornell University started conducting a series of experiments to see how they could prevent their destruction. They have started using cannabis to stimulate the bees and the results show that they are loving it.

A similar study was also published by Colorado State University, and it showed that hemp has been a component of the life of 16 different bee species. Hemp is a great nutritional source for bees and since the legalization of cannabis in many states, it is highly accessible for bees too.

Studies show that hemp produces a high quantity of pollen, which attracts bees and stimulates the growth of the bee population. That’s why more and more policy researches have started looking into this different approach and hopefully, hemp can become a crop that will contribute to the restoration of balance in the bee colonies around the world.

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