Big Maroon Motorhome


If you prefer to travel in a mobile home, but aren’t quite attracted to the modern RVs available in the market, you are about to be impressed! This big maroon is built in a unique DIY project spanned over almost 42 years. From an old flatbed farm truck, used for a long period of time at full extent, to a classic mobile home that literally turn heads in the streets. The bulky yet stylish motor-home features big exterior aluminum storage boxes that were added throughout the 80s to be used for general storage. It’s impressive how much stuff it can accommodate, like a generator, an outboard motor or an inflatable boat. The interior doesn’t disappoint as well! It incorporates kitchen facilities, bathroom with toilet, and a forced air gas furnace.


The design was made by The Federal Motorhome Company, which also did the carpentry, assembly and cabinet work. Customization of the furniture (fabric, color) was handled by the owner, making the DIY level of much more praiseworthy. With facilities like a shower, or lavatory, or water heater, the vehicle is comparable to modern RVs, in terms of level of comfort. But the handmade touches to it were the trigger that transformed the old farm truck into a genuine home. We would recommend you try a similar kind of project, but it would be wise if you just draw inspiration from this; 42 years is a real long time for a DIY project.




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  1. Lavella says:


  2. Lani Deppe says:

    Is this a hobby or is it a business. Just beautiful!

  3. Harri Grönqvist says:

    I just wonder if engine, transmission and steering are original model and make, or are they modernizized. Old technichs are often heavy to use.

    But beautiful

  4. Dean says:

    Gorgeous feel to it love the separate bedroom and living area decor ?

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