Biologist Finds Beautiful Blue Gecko, Named the New Species ‘Vangoghgi’

In the lush and remote reaches of India’s Western Ghats, biologist Ishan Agarwal stumbled upon a mesmerizing sight: a stunning blue and yellow gecko that seemed to dance amidst the foliage. Captivated by its beauty, Agarwal immediately thought of Vincent Van Gogh’s iconic painting, Starry Night. Thus, he decided to pay homage to the legendary artist by naming the newfound species ‘Cnemapsis vangoghi’. This discovery not only adds a splash of color to the biodiversity of the region but also enriches scientific understanding, as the Western Ghats remain largely unexplored despite their rich ecological tapestry. Agarwal, who has dedicated over 12,400 hours to exploring this biodiversity hotspot, underscores the importance of unveiling the mysteries of this unique habitat.

The identification of Cnemapsis vangoghi underscores the vast diversity yet to be uncovered within the genus Cnemapsis. Through meticulous lab work, Agarwal confirmed that the dazzling gecko was indeed a distinct species, separate from its close relative, C. galaxia. Published in the esteemed journal ZooKeys, the discovery sheds light on the intricate relationships between species and their habitats. Furthermore, Agarwal’s observation regarding the protective umbrella cast by charismatic megafauna, such as tigers, underscores the interconnectedness of conservation efforts. By safeguarding habitats for flagship species like tigers, myriad other creatures, including the newfound gecko, find refuge under this protective canopy. With advancements in DNA analysis techniques, researchers like Agarwal are unraveling the complexities of biodiversity, revealing a world of wonders yet to be fully understood.

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