Photographer Captures Brilliant Blue Butterflies Clustered on a Tree

Kelvin Hudson is a photographer who captured one of the most magical pictures of this year, photographing a cluster of blue morpho butterflies.
He went on a walk in the forest and came across this site that looks like it came straight out of a fairytale, the butterflies gathering across a tree. But he really did capture a unique moment, as blue morpho butterflies usually rest on the forest floor and they can be rarely seen on trees. When resting they show their brown underwings, thus keeping themselves safe from predators and not attracting any attention.

Showing their vibrant blue colors means that they were feeling safe in their habitat and Hudson wasn’t disturbing them while capturing this amazing moment on camera. The best part about Hudson’s work is that you can order them as prints and display them in your home.
You can email him for inquiries and even pre-order his photography book in the making.

Kelvin Hudson: Website / Instagram 

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