Photographer Accidentally Captures Brilliant Optical Illusion of “Three-Headed Deer” Roaming in Forest

This amazing shot was created by photographer Renatas Jakaitis and it is a surreal image of a deer with three heads. The shot seems to capture a 3 headed deer in the woods, but it is not at all manipulated in Photoshop, just an optical illusion.

Photographers Capture a Crack in the Earth’s Magnetic Field That Lasted 14 Hours

The 7th of July, 2022 was a very special day for photographers across US and Canada, as they witnessed something that comes only once in a lifetime. On this special day, the Earth’s magnetic field reflected through a crack and this phenomenon lasted for 14 hours.

Photographer is Documenting Ancient Baobab Trees Before They All Disappear

Trees are among the most precious treasures Earth has, as they provide oxygene and clean the air we breathe. Since trees are also considered the lungs of our planet, it is of high-importance to nurture and protect them. The oldest tree in the world at the moment is a 5,062 years old ...

Amazing Aerial Photos of a Finnish Island Across Four Seasons

The Finnish Lapland is a wonder of nature and one of the most photogenic places on Earth and at the same time the home of photographer Jani Ylinampa. When you’re the resident of such a wonderful place,

Photographer’s Drone Captures Three Bobcats Sittiing on a Log in the Minnesota Wilderness

In some cases, a good picture is also about being in the right spot at the right time. Mike Mayou seems to be lucky enough to capture such a moment, as with the help of his drone he photographed 3 bobcats sitting on a log. He was flying his gadget over St. Louis River in Minnesota ...

Photographer Captures “Water Bender” Turning Liquid into Sculptures Between Her Hands

Kyle Re Creative is a photographer who is always on the lookout for unique moments and he also describes himself as a „visual storyteller”. His most notable works are from the category of wedding and lifestyle photography, but playing around with photo editing is one of his main ...

Photographer Captures Unique Image of the Moon Disguised as Saturn

Francisco Sojuel has decided to climb the Acatenango volcano on 2019th Christmas Eve and snapped one of the most beautiful shots of the Moon. He is a Guatemalan photographer and was settling in at the volcano’s basecamp when he observed the Moon looking peculiar that evening. It ...

Photographer Captures One of the Last Surviving Female Eagle Hunters of Mongolia

There is a small group of indigenous people in Mongolia, who still preserve ancient traditions and are probably the last out there who still practice the art of eagle hunting. Falconry is the art of training eagles for hunting small animals, such as foxes and it is a skill that was ...

Photographer Captures A Rare Octopus With Transparent Head

The ocean hides an infinite universe that most probably will never be discovered in its entirety by mankind. Divers and photographers have long tried to capture the hidden gems of the ocean and came back with amazing shots many times.
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