Photographer’s Drone Captures Three Bobcats Sittiing on a Log in the Minnesota Wilderness

In some cases, a good picture is also about being in the right spot at the right time.
Mike Mayou seems to be lucky enough to capture such a moment, as with the help of his drone he photographed 3 bobcats sitting on a log. He was flying his gadget over St. Louis River in Minnesota when he spotted 3 adorable bobcats sitting on the same log near the frozen waters.
The most amazing part is that Mayou managed to capture all 3 cats while looking straight into the camera, making this the picture of a lifetime.
The bobcats do not look scared nor threatening, as their expressions seem to resemble those of domesticated cats.
This picture came as a surprise to Mayou, who wasn’t expecting to find something this amazing while flying his drone and was almost on the verge of going home as the weather wasn’t very pleasant that day. But then he suddenly spotted the 3 bobcats with his drone and decided to turn his camera on to capture this amazing shot.

This is such an amazing example of accidental wildlife photography and the beauty that nature has to offer.

2 Responses to “Photographer’s Drone Captures Three Bobcats Sittiing on a Log in the Minnesota Wilderness”

  1. Charles Carlson says:

    Looking forward to it , can use it

  2. luciearl says:

    Drones are disturbing not only to humans, but especially wildlife with much keener senses. The look on their faces is probably bewilderment, because it is something that should not occur in their habitat. Please don’t invade their space. Yes, it’s exciting to see wildlife, but respect their space.

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