Photographers Capture a Crack in the Earth’s Magnetic Field That Lasted 14 Hours

The 7th of July, 2022 was a very special day for photographers across US and Canada, as they witnessed something that comes only once in a lifetime. On this special day, the Earth’s magnetic field reflected through a crack and this phenomenon lasted for 14 hours.

The result of this was the creation of an aurora in the sky, thanks to solar winds entering the open crack. Such cracks occur once in a while, and they do not pose any threat, and they usually last for a shorter period of time. This most recent one, which lasted for 14 hours, caused a G1-class geomagnetic storm and a proper setup for any photographer in search of unique shots.

The pictures taken of the night sky on the 7th of July in the US and Canada show the magical features of nature. The sky lit up in beautiful colors of purple and emerald and the images shared on social media are truly amazing.

Many of the photographers stayed up all night to follow the sky changing its colors and shared their amazing snaps on the Internet.




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