Photographer is Documenting Ancient Baobab Trees Before They All Disappear

Trees are among the most precious treasures Earth has, as they provide oxygene and clean the air we breathe. Since trees are also considered the lungs of our planet, it is of high-importance to nurture and protect them. The oldest tree in the world at the moment is a 5,062 years old bristlecone pine and it can be found on the African continent.

But due to climate change and massive deforestation worldwide, the planet’s ancient trees are facing never-before seen threats.
That’s why Beth Moon, a California-based photographer started a project in 2006 through which she plans to photograph the world’s ancient trees. Her series of black and white pictures taken of the ancient baobab trees of Madagascar, Senegal and South Africa are truly iconic.
Baobab trees can live more than 1,500 years and grow large branches which reach even 46 feet in diameter. In her search for ancient trees, Moon discovered several baobab’s around the world and immortalized them for posterity.
Her works is stunning, and the viewer can almost feel the tree breathing while marveling in the baobab’s giant branches that look like they are embracing the planet.

Photographer Beth Moon has traveled the world to photograph ancient trees—including the baobab trees of Africa.

The trees can live well over 1,500 years old.


Their trunks can be 45 feet in diameter.

Climate change is endangering the ancient trees through drought.

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