Photographer Accidentally Captures Brilliant Optical Illusion of “Three-Headed Deer” Roaming in Forest

This amazing shot was created by photographer Renatas Jakaitis and it is a surreal image of a deer with three heads. The shot seems to capture a 3 headed deer in the woods, but it is not at all manipulated in Photoshop, just an optical illusion.

Jakaitis happened to be at the right place in the right moment, as often happens with iconic pictures and took this incredible shot in a Lithuanian forest. While slowly walking behind the deer, Jakaitis snapped the picture and the sound of the camera made the deer turn their heads at the same time, looking for a threat.

This resulted in the most amazing image, of a 3 headed deer looking at the photographer from the mid of the snowy woods. Such pictures require a lot of luck and also gut, to know when it’s the right second to take the snap.

Photographing wild animals is always a hard task, as they do not sit still and pose for the camera, so knowing when to snap the picture is essential for a photographer.


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