Blue Macaw Parrot From The Movie ‘Rio’ Is Now Officially Extinct

Thanks to our lifestyles and the little care that we give to the environment, every year more and more species go extinct. This sadly is also the case of the Blue Macaw parrot, the one that was portrayed in the famous cartoon named Rio.
In the animated pictures, Rio flies from Minnesota to Rio de Janeiro, thinking he is the last one of the species left but then he meets the female, Jewel. Unfortunately, real life is not like the movies, where the too managed to save the species.

It was only seven years ago that the Blue Macaw was listed on the endangered species list and this year, in January it was declared extinct. According to BirdLife International, the parrot species cannot be observed in nature for a long time and it lives in captivity, but only a few examples remained. There is also no breeding program focusing on them and their extinction was caused by mass deforestation and severe loss of territory.
Researchers started raising awareness on the issues facing the Blue Macaw species since the 1980s but sadly seems that no one took these warnings seriously.
In January, BirdLife International listed another 7 bird species as extinct, from which 5 were South American species, where mass-deforestations are an ongoing threat. Until people don’t realize the threat that they present to nature and the different species inhabiting it, news like this is going to continue making headlines.

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67 Responses to “Blue Macaw Parrot From The Movie ‘Rio’ Is Now Officially Extinct”

  1. carolyn says:

    People, of whom I am one, just, don’t seem to care about things in this day and age. Sad that when a specie’s is gone it is too late to try to fix it.

  2. Amos says:

    Fact check: it was declared extinct in the wild. It is still alive in captivity. A captive breeding program is underway with the hopes of re establishing it in the wild one day. Please check your facts before you publish…

  3. Jason says:

    Thiers a breeding program in europe

  4. Donna says:

    I think the people behind deforestation are aware of what they are doing but they simply couldn’t care less it’s all about making money for them and the animals they are killing just don’t matter to them

  5. Dick says:

    You know what would be great if the US pays other countries millions for programs that don’t work

  6. Miguel ortega says:

    Is their another name for these birds? Because I’ve seen a blue macaw in a pet store in my area. Hes been locked up in a cage

  7. TMan31B says:

    But then you would also know the odds of captive breeding the odds very per species and habit

  8. sofia says:

    i didnt even know they were a thing?? 🙁

  9. Dylan says:

    I guess we are now in the extinct era where more and more species get extinct faster than the past

  10. Tam says:

    Wake me up when I care, who cares if they go extinct? Doesn’t really effect the environment nothing last thats just nature

  11. Clay says:

    Fact check on Amos, extinct means there are none known to be living in the wild. Extinct does not mean that none exist period. A spieces is extinct when there is no wild population.

  12. Amber says:

    Those aren’t even macaws!!

  13. Jermell haymore says:

    I really can’t stand People

  14. Ally says:

    The make Blue Macaw in the movie is named Blu not Rio.

  15. Jason says:

    It states exactly that in the article. You should read better.

  16. Jaja says:

    Let’s be real..
    White people destroying everything smh

  17. Jaja jaja says:

    Let’s be real..
    White people destroying everything smh

  18. Mel says:

    They did state that their still in captivity but can’t be observed in wild

  19. Nick says:

    Maybe if we’re convinced that they’re more delicious than chicken, we would start mass breeding them the way we do turkeys and chickens!
    YUM! Blue = Delicious!

  20. G says:

    Clearly they don’t fact check since they also got the name of the main character in Rio wrong. The male bird’s name is Blue not Rio.

  21. Sebastian Angulo says:

    I’ve seen one here in the philippines,, itwas on a restaurant,, all alone in the big cage. It was a sad view

  22. CJ says:

    They literally stated in the article they are only observed in captivity now. Please read the article, if you can take the time to navigate to this post and make a comment it’s the least you could do.

  23. Mrs woods says:

    Soooo sad what the world is now nothing can last and the world is disgusting

  24. Darlene Coplin says:

    Thank you..

  25. HOLMES says:

    And yet we still haven’t learned a damb thing

  26. Clare says:

    We are destroying our planet we need to go

  27. Kaylee Beerbower says:

    People refuse to believe that it’s an issue, or that they truly are going extinct until it actually happens. But something that we need to break, a habit that needs to stop before we lose all wildlife.

  28. Duh says:

    This is literally what the article says. Try reading the entire thing before commenting.

  29. Leyna Gross says:

    It stated that! Read the whole article before you make a statement.

  30. says:

    Well excuse me got damit

  31. Tim says:

    Sadly this is going to be our world from now on…reports of animals goin extinct…humans don’t care to save the species no matter what it is humans are ethr greediest beings on this earth and humans will destroy it by themselves.

  32. Krissi says:

    No to deforestation! No to overfishing! No to habitat invasion, hunting and poaching. Our Earth Our Planet! Save, Conserve & Protect.

  33. Kami says:

    How do you know this? Could you please provide us with a link or some kind of credible source for your information?

  34. Jay says:

    I’m so terrified of any bird to where I literally don’t care!!

  35. Leslie Caldwell says:

    I’m so saddened the Blue Ma caw is extinct in the wild; and agree deforesting is about money!
    But THINK, too, about the complete idiot that would teach a bird to cuss‼️It’s soo not funny. That bird is scarred for life, most people wouldn’t want that in their home‼️Completely cruel to the bird.

  36. Jessica says:

    Sorry but the parrots name in Rio is Blu. My daughter had me watching the movie enough I should know their names.

  37. Me says:

    The birds name isnt Rio in the movie, the birds name is Blue.
    Ita called Rio due to the location…Rio de Janeiro

  38. Lauren says:

    Ummm the birds name was Blu not Rio tf. There’s several jokes referring to his name in the movie. Also they’re just possibly extinct in the wild, but there’s a breeding program. These birds live in a vast area so it’s actually impossible to declare a species extinct. There’s actually a popular show that proves that they’re not always actually extinct

  39. Maria says:

    It says in there that there are a few samples in captivity.

  40. Tiff says:

    The macaws name in the movie is Blu. Not Rio.

  41. Debra says:

    I know a lady in Florida who has one.

  42. Lora says:

    This is correct, to the best of my knowledge they do have these birds in captivity and are working on breeding them to help save these beautiful little macaws. The actual name of this macaw is a Spix Macaw.

  43. Gary Lee says:

    This is the problem with people reading articals and taking them as fack LOOK IT UP!! there is no Parrot called the blue macaw!!!!!!!!!!!! There are several Macaws that are blue!! Get your facts straight!!

  44. Sandra Margetts says:

    Sad very sad!!!!

  45. Jordan says:

    How in the hell did no one catch the too/two typo in the first paragragh….

  46. James says:

    The human race is a virus on this planet, we are only happy when we are destroying this planet and killing everything.

  47. Ryan says:

    The fact that there is a breeding program is beyond the point, wouldn’t need to intervene with breeding if their home wasn’t chopped down in the first place or corporation’s/people listened to warnings but it’s all about money.

  48. Pam says:

    Is it the Blue Macaw or the Hyacinth?

  49. Dave says:

    Thank you for providing clarity and hope. Many would see this link and think it’s too late.

  50. Robin R McPherson says:

    Stupid Humans will NEVER learn. So sad.

  51. Anonymous says:

    That doesn’t change the fact that something needs to be done about the deforestation. It’s a problem that needs to be addressed regardless if there are breeding programs for endangered species.

  52. Mackie Wan says:

    It’s natural selection. We can’t force birds to fuck and spread their genes. If you feel bad about birds dying off, try looking at the human race. Your ethnicity may be dying off due to mix-racing. Don’t freak about whites becoming a minority meanwhile not get minority benefits only because they’re a majority on first world nations. Get your life together if this makes you sad.

  53. Ed says:

    Fact check: you did not read the article. It clearly says there are still birds in captivity but deemed too late for them by Birdlife, who declared them extinct. The article is just reporting on it, they aren’t the ones who made that determination

  54. Michael says:

    In real life, the species has been considered extinct in the wild since the year 2000.

  55. Xionver renz says:

    God- i didn’t know it was true i thought it was fake news

  56. Mike says:

    The issue isn’t the writer, its your reading abilities and comprehension . He straight out mentions they are still alive in captivity . Instead of telling a writer to check his facts, you should brush up on your reading abilities that you have now put on display for all of us.

  57. P M Briggs says:

    Is this the same as the hyacinth macaw?

  58. Gwyneth says:

    Sincerely hope the captive breeding programme will be successful

  59. Beth says:

    Good News!

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