Boat Builder’s Incredible 20ft Shipping Container Home


Container homes are pretty awesome, especially if they are decorated in a cool and creative way. This 20ft shipping container is the home of a boat builder and the way he transformed these containers into a home is really amazing. Thinking outside the box is Evans’ specialty when it comes to ship building, so he invites us to take a look “inside the box” and discover his beautiful container home. Shipping containers can be a great choice for a house, as they are durable, can be easily partitioned and shipped anywhere. Evans’ container house features natural materials, such as timber and warm colors. The best part of this house is that it was designed to be self-sustainable, as Evans wanted to lead an off-the-grid life when he thought about the plans for this home. To discover more about this incredible home, watch the below.



Shipping-Container-Home-3photo credit:

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