Bookcase Quilt: A Unique Quilt For A Book Lover

What book lover, librarian, or student wouldn’t love to have a bookcase quilt? The bookcase quilt is a perfect way to have a unique quilt personalized just for you or someone special. Whether you want a wall hanging or a king size quilt, we can add that one-of-a-kind item to make the quilt unique to you. What do you think? If you want to have one, this quilt is available in the link below…

Find it HERE…

8 Responses to “Bookcase Quilt: A Unique Quilt For A Book Lover”

  1. Sandy says:

    Love it!! How can I order one?

  2. Jan Adkins says:

    Where did you find a bookcase quilt pattern?

  3. Jan Adkins says:

    Where did you find bookcase quilt pattern?

  4. Phyllis ledbetter says:

    I’m very interested in the book case quilt for a gift by August I have save 260 dollars an as soon as I ger$115 more I’m going to try order it if I know how.i want by books you can read title Steven King books she loves all his book but I have the titles to six favorites .need to make contac an see if this would be possible an I can give you the six titles I have please contact
    Me back

  5. Susan Kuipers says:

    Where would I get the pattern/directions for this quilt?

  6. Tamara Tresko says:

    Love the bookcase quilt!!!

  7. Von wilson says:

    Contact ordering information & where the quilt will be shipped from

  8. Irene Fraser says:

    How would I get this pattern and maybe have some personalized items added to the pattern?

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