Build A Rustic X Coffee Table With Free Easy Plans

If you’re planning to add some new elements to your home or simply want to build a piece of furniture by yourself, then this next one is a great project to be considered. It is a rustic coffee table that will look great in both a traditional home and a modern one and you can even add some personal elements to it. It is always useful to have a coffee table at home, especially if you like to have friends and family over and are in need of extra space for your cups and plates. This DIY rustic coffee table also has a storage unit under its tabletop, so you can store your magazines and newspapers there. The entire shopping list for the materials required can be found on the link below, plus there is also a helpful tutorial to guide you through the cutting and assembling of the parts. You can even use a wood conditioner if you feel like and give the table a vintage look when it is done.



If you don’t have time for a DIY project, you can buy one from HERE…

Coffee Table Plans by Ana-White


5 Responses to “Build A Rustic X Coffee Table With Free Easy Plans”

  1. Michael says:

    Do you have a full set of plans for this table design? Thank you in advance.

  2. alisha says:

    Im looking for a full set of plans for this table if you can email them that would be great! I cant do the download for pdf because I am on my work computer.

  3. Joanne says:

    Do u have plans for this table?

  4. Josh Allen says:

    Send me the pdf for this please

  5. Bill Jackson says:


    How do I go about getting the plans for this table?


    —Bill Jackson

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