Build this A-Frame Cabin on a budget! (built for $700)

If having a cabin has always been a dream for you, then know that it can be made true very quickly on a budget.

Cabins don’t have to be large and fancy to be enjoyable, you can look for smaller options such as tiny cabins and use pre-ordered kits to build them.
A-frame cabins are a nice trend now and they have such a special atmosphere. Alla Ponomareva opted to build her own A-frame cabin of only 80 square feet and the materials cost her no more than $700. Her cabin was ready in 3 weeks and is now standing proud in the woods of Montana. The roof of the cabin has a sun-powered board, so the design is a sustainable one and the side of the roof can be folded so Alla can enjoy plenty of sunlight and reconnect with the surroundings.

Even though the space inside is very small, the deck around the cabin makes the entire structure look much bigger. There is even enough place there for someone to install a hammock or simply sleep under the stars on a warm summer night.

DIY solar powered cabin in Missoula, Montana (built for $700) by Alla Ponomareva.

Plans and design by Derek Diedricksen.



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