Building and Improving the Harbor Freight 6×8 Greenhouse In 11 Steps


A greenhouse in your own garden is a very convenient way for you to grow your own vegetables. There are several greenhouse kits that can be bought from a gardening store, one of the best is the 6×8 Harbor Freight kit and it costs $299. But as every product, this too has some flaws and many of them are widely discussed on gardening forums. Luckily some clever minds thought about homemade means of improving the kit and getting the best out of it. The materials that you will need and the reconstruction process are all detailed in the link below. By following those 11 steps, you will learn how to cover the low-quality panels of the kit with UV protected plastic film or how to rebuild the stock door of the greenhouse. Making the improvements won’t cost you a lot and in the end you will have a perfect greenhouse.

Building and Improving the Harbor Freight 6×8 Greenhouse – 11 Steps

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