The Buxton Tiny Home Is the Ultimate Travel-Friendly House for Those Who Love a Life On the Go

The Buxton Tiny Home stands as a beacon for those enamored with a nomadic lifestyle, offering a cozy haven on the move. Crafted by Modern Tiny Living, its ingenious design optimizes space, making it ideal for both frequent travelers and those seeking a compact guesthouse or full-time residence. Aptly named after the picturesque Buxton lighthouse in California, this diminutive dwelling measures a modest 20 feet in length and boasts a price tag of $79,000. Despite its petite stature compared to conventional North American homes, the Buxton doesn’t compromise on comfort. Mounted on a double-axle trailer, it sports an exterior of engineered wood complemented by a durable steel roof, ensuring durability during travels. Powered via a standard RV-style hookup, its interior exudes a sense of airiness thanks to ample glazing, while poplar tongue-and-groove paneling paired with vinyl flooring offers a warm aesthetic.

Stepping inside, the living room greets occupants with a versatile sofa bed, providing snug accommodations for two along with integrated storage solutions. A mini-split air conditioning unit maintains an optimal climate, ensuring year-round comfort. Seamlessly connected to the living area, the kitchen showcases stainless steel countertops, cabinetry, and a compact yet functional layout, complete with a sink and mini-fridge. The adjacent bathroom, though compact, features a shower and flushing toilet, meeting essential needs within the confines of its space. Ascending the storage-integrated staircase reveals the sole bedroom, characterized by a double bed nestled beneath a low ceiling, reminiscent of loft-style designs prevalent in tiny homes. Flexible in its design, the Buxton Tiny Home offers customization options to suit individual preferences, allowing for adjustments in appliances, materials, and layout to accommodate diverse lifestyles.

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