Cabinets, Chairs And Objects Refurbished Into Impressive And Artistic Pieces Of Furniture


Nothing spells good taste than painting. And realistic painted designs are the way to go if you want to improve your home. Brazilian artist Argina Seixas paints anything from pots, bowls, jars and dishes to indoor and outdoor furniture, with captivating real-life models of plants, flowers, fruits, animals, sea creatures, birds, or insects. Using this method, old tables, chairs or armoires can be refurbished into impressive and artistic pieces of furniture. Walls, floors or even clothing and curtains can also be painted so as to bring the nature back into modern life. The eye-captivating and very colorful models are the best way to use if you want to give a new spark to an outdated and dull object.








Argina-Seixas-paints-objects chair-art



5 Responses to “Cabinets, Chairs And Objects Refurbished Into Impressive And Artistic Pieces Of Furniture”

  1. Maureen says:

    Why is it, every time I try to pin something from this site I get this message ? ( Sorry! Users have reported that this url links to spam or inappropriate content. )

  2. Concetta Ashton says:

    Love all the giant flowers etc.

  3. Dany Measures says:

    Are all these flowers hand painted or decoupaged? I can’t hand paint so where would I purchase the printed papers? I just love them.

  4. Deb Garston says:

    Where can I buy this stuff?

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