Cabinets Made From Metal Barrels


We just love recycling. It is a way to make our environment cleaner and also a fun way to design new things. So this is why we love the next idea, which transforms old oil barrels into cabinets. They were created by the group named Lackengeloet, from Germany. They remodeled each barrel, creating new forms and so they were able to design these colorful cabinets. They are a great idea for those in need of extra storage space and for those who love to recycle. Each cabinet has shelves placed in the inside, and they are designed to fit in small places too. You can place them in your kitchen, bathroom and even in your office. The process of creating these cabinets is not an easy one. The designers first had to cut a hole in the barrels with a special cutter, than strengthen the door with guitar strings and install two magnets on it so it will close easily. The company also has some other innovative designs, all made out of recycled items, such as old vinyl records which have been turned into bowls. You can purchase these cabinets at their online store for about 369 euros. These cabinets are a reminder that great ideas can be born out of the simplest things.


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