California Dreaming: Luxury Log Home


“This home is made to last for 500 years,” says the owner of this luxury log home. For many people, a log home is a dream, and when they have one, living in a truly dream world. This wonderful log home are located in Santa Barbara County on 7,665-square-foot and enjoys with amazing views of the Santa Ynez Mountains. All of the kitchen cabinets, windows, doors, and flooring on the second level are made from recycled Douglas fir decking that once formed a bridge. The living room coffee table came from a 6-foot-diameter post that had to be squared off before it could be installed in a home he was building. “The tree from which it came was over a thousand years old, and we just couldn’t imagine turning this piece into pulp,” says the owner. “Now it will continue to live in our home.”


Owner’s wife decreed that the home be completely symmetrical. Thus, the central core housing the entry, double staircase and living room is flanked by identical wings designed primarily for living and entertaining. On the second level, a bridge links the master bedroom suite and a guest suite.

California-Luxury-Home-Kitchen The kitchen features two islands and a faux-painted plaster wall.
California-Luxury-Home-LR Nature inspires the look of the living room.


California-Luxury-Home-Upbath Blue ceramic tile brightens the master bath.





California-Luxury-Home-plans1 Photos by Russ McConnell


5 Responses to “California Dreaming: Luxury Log Home”

  1. Tanya says:

    Its beautiful design and great work,but i just feel sorry for poor harvested need for it,i think

  2. Kay Lyn says:

    Revolting over the top with dead animals hanging on the walls… looks like a giant ego trip to see who can destroy the most trees to shove into their ungainly ugly monster house. Keep it.

  3. Debbie orr says:

    I think it’s beautiful.

  4. Dan says:

    Remember all the wildfires we have each year? Your worried about people actually using our natural resources for something beautiful? Perhaps you feel better watching thousands of acres burn because of too much growth? Furthermore trees are a renewable resource! Go plant a tree!!!

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