Camera Hidden in a Nest Captures Intimate Footage of Two Kestrels Raising a Family

Robert E. Fuller is a wildlife artist who has a very special gallery in Yorkshire Wolds. After years of studying birds and their behavior in their natural habitat, he decided to offer visitors a glance into his observings.
In his gallery, visitors can enjoy 100 live-feed surveillance cameras that supervise birds in their nesting sites. Among the different species he is observing, there is also the common kestrel, which is a bird of prey from the falcon family.
Even though it is not an endangered species, the UK kestrel population has still suffered a decline since the 1970s. Fuller’s encounter with the kestrel began when he met Apollo, a young male of the species who was struggling to build a nesting spot. To help him, Fuller decided to set up a cozy spot for him, and just within a few days, Apollo found himself a mate, named Athena.
The entire meeting was filmed with the help of a camera placed inside the nesting box and now the artist continues to document the lives of the kestrel couple and their five chicks.

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